Huge Bass Pictures

If you’re anything like me you never get tired of looking at pictures of huge bass or any type of huge fish for that matter.  That’s one of the things that always gets you to go back out there and keep fishing… the hope that you will one day catch a huge bass like one of these.

huge bass fishing
This fisherman is going to have a hard time finding room on the wall to mount this ridiculously huge bass.

huge bass caught at falcon lake
I honestly don’t even know how this woman can hold up such an enormous bass.  This one was caught at Falcon Lake.

big bass picture
Why do I have a feeling that a bass that size would snap my line every time?  Or sink my boat?  This monster bass was caught at Lake Obeechobee.

huge large mouth bass
The whopper of a bass is fat as can be, and check out those giant googly eyes and mouth!

record largemouth bass
This is what a record largemouth bass looks like.  The bass’ head is bigger than the fisherman’s head!

world record bass picture
and here’s the world record for biggest bass!  Now that is an epic fishing trip right there, when you catch the world record bass.

More pictures of big bass will be posted soon so check back often.

More Largemouth Bass Pictures

Here are some more largemouth bass pictures from our most recent fishing trip.  These were all caught with our favorite bass baits, Rapalas and Rooster Tails.

Here’s a whole sink full of largemouth bass.

pictures of largemouth bass

and here’s a picture of the biggest largemouth bass.  This one was as big as the cooler!

large largemouth bass picture

I can’t wait to bass fish again next weekend.  I’m going to try to top this big one!

Big Largemouth Bass Picture

Here’s a picture of a largemouth bass my Dad caught in Nolin River in Kentucky a couple weeks ago.  It was as big as a five gallon bucket.  He caught this largemouth bass on a rooster tail fishing off a small dam with swirling water.  He also caught a dozen more largemouth bass but none of them were as big as this one.  I’d say it would weigh 4-5 pounds and that’s a good size bass!  We were going to throw this one in our pond but he was dying so Dad cleaned him along with the others and we had a big fish fry.

largemouth bass