13 Pound Largemouth Bass

Tyler Goetzman caught this 13.06-pound largemouth bass from Lake Conroe using a Rat-L-Trap while bass fishing in six feet of water. This largemouth was 24 inches long and 20.25 inches in girth.  Bass pictures like this make me want to start trying some different baits.  I think I’ll run out and grab a Rat L Trap!

13 pound largemouth bass picture

Largemouth Bass Eating Bluegill

Check out the picture of a largemouth bass getting ready to swallow a whole bluegill.

large mouth bass photo

At first glance you would think the bluegill is too big to fit in the bass’ mouth, but it’s not.  The largemouth bass has a mouth that can expand greatly to accomodate the devouring of large bait.  It’s almost like the largemouth sucks its prey into its belly.