More Pictures of Big Bass

Here are some more pictures of some huge bass.  Most of these were caught in rivers and lakes in Alabama.

kid caught a huge bass
This kid caught this five pound, two ounce monster bass at Chambers County Lake on a family fishing trip.  His name is Joshua Dawson from Smith’s Station.

This happy fisherman, Larry Norris, was fishing in a managed pond in Butler County when he hooked this monstrous bass.
bass caught in managed pond

This cute angler named Sara Helms caught this ridiculously huge bass in a managed pond as well.

huge bass caught in managed pond

This 8.7 pound largemouth bass was caught by Matthew Applebaum in a private lake.

8 pound bass

This pair of monster bass was caught by Walter Blackmon.  The “small” bass is five pounds but looks tiny compared to the 9 pound 7 ounce giant bass.  He caught the duo in Chambers County Lake, known for producing some whopper bass.

nine pound bass picture

Walter’s big bass would look small compared to this unbelievably big largemouth caught at Escambia County Lake by Kevin Glover.  This monster weighted in at 14 lbs and 1.5 ounces.  Wow!

14 pound basss

Largemouth Bass Catches Itself

This is one of the more bizarre largemouth bass fishing stories you’ll ever here.  The largemouth bass in the picture below was caught at Lake Purdy on a stringer without a hook!   The five pound six ounce bass swallowed a bluegill that was already on the stringer and couldn’t get loose!

catching a largemouth bass without trying

Funny Fishing Signs and Pictures

I thought these fishing signs were funny and wanted to share them with all of you.

funny fishing picture
Kiss My Bass

funny fishing sign about beer
Don’t Bother Me While I’m Fishing Unless You Brought Beer

funny fishing sign master baiter
Attention: There’s a Master Baiter on Board

fishing business sign
Attention: Business Not Conducted During Fishing Season

funny fishing sign about lying
This fishing picture is SO TRUE.  I fish therefore I lie.

funny fishing sign no free rides
I thought this was the funniest fishing sign of them all – No Free Rides in this fishing boat!

in fishing size does matter
It may not matter in the bedroom but when it comes to fishing Size Does Matter.

kiss my bass sign
If you don’t like these funny fishing signs then you can kiss my bass!